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Public Spirit

Duane Littles Worldwide Inc.'s mission is to align itself with partners and companies that choose to have a positive impact on the global communities in which they operate. It is our goal to be leaders in affecting social consciousness, in our work and our world.


Our Passions:



For 563 million people the world is a blur

Help eradicate the global vision care crisis by making a donation. Every dollar helps provide access to vision care for those in need across the globe.

Since our mission began 25 years ago, OneSight has provided vision care access to 8.5 million people worldwide; access they previously never had.

563 million still need our help.

Be a part of the solution. Together we can eradicate the vision care crisis.


About OneSight

We’re optometrists, industry experts, clinicians, passionate volunteers and partners pioneering a movement to unlock human progress through universal vision care access.


Better Sight is Universal

People everywhere–in developed and developing countries alike–need clear sight to thrive.

OneSight helps communities create sustainable, long-term vision care access, and operates charitable clinics that deliver eye exams and free glasses to those without access.

For more info please go to: http://onesight.org/




Hip4Kids Inc., a 501 c (3) company, is a not-for-profit corporation designed to educate parents and children on the fundamentals and ongoing importance of healthy eating and good nutrition. Hip4Kids’ primary components include multi-media learning programs and community outreach through innovative educational lifestyle programs for children and young adults.
Hip4Kids’ mission is:

  • To build an understanding of healthy food and good nutrition to prevent childhood obesity, cancer and diabetes

  • To encourage the exploration of local food sources to promote local produce and economy

  • To promote taste recognition of fresh and well-prepared food to safeguard health

  • To emphasize the social value of food knowledge

  • To illustrate the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Hip4Kids Inc.
229 East 85th Street #1106
New York, New York 10028

Pursuant to ARTICLE 7-A of N.Y.S. Executive Law Hip4Kids Annual Report may be obtained by contacting The Office of the Attorney General Charities Bureau Visit our sponsors page online or mail your tax deductible gift today...

For more info please go to: www.Hip4Kids.org