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I thought that I should share something with you.

Posted on August 16, 2014 at 10:35 AM

I thought that I should share something with you.



The last 10 months has been the HUGEST roller coaster ride ever!

See...it doesn’t even fit into that sentence. Bam, what did I tell you!

I’m going to get back to the roller coaster before I get carried away with the I told you so’s.


In October 2013 I was called into a conference at work with my bosses because it had been brought to the attention of the higher ups that I was running a competing business. Oops...Damnit!!!!



Now I know what you’re thinking...I hope he had a getaway car! No silly. CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!! Argh! Ok, ok, I get it! You know where this is going...HE DEFINITELY HAD A GETAWAY CAR! Could you please stop interrupting me?! I didn’t have a getaway car, or a magic wand or an escape hatch. Nor did I have a formal plan for what came next during this conference. They were very fond of me and I had similar feelings towards them, but that wasn’t enough to keep the next blow from happening.


You can’t be in the same business as us...so either you stay and stop doing what you’re doing or...YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO HOME, BUT YOU’VE GOT TO GET THE HELL UP OUTTA HERE!


Well maybe they didn’t say that last part like that. Haha! Just kidding. They were extremely gracious. EXTREMELY! But do to the circumstances I didn’t have an extended period of time to deliberate.


I called my partner, who was very supportive in this entire process and she hit me with the one, two. KO...no warning! Well, maybe we had discussed this previously. These were her words exactly “You know we both want to get our companies off of the ground. We can continue to go in these circles and stay in the same place that we are in or we can take a chance and make it happen. It seems like a no brainer to me.”


She just upped the ANTE!


A few hours went by and I called the second conference of that day with my bosses. And that would be the last conference that I had with them. It was very bittersweet. I helped launch the division that I worked in and spent a little over six years helping to shape the culture of that division. But that fateful day I knew one thing more clearly than ever. I spent lots of time nurturing my own project. Sleepless nights, hard earned dollars and tons of love invested. To just drop that and walk away would have been a disservice to myself.


I was TERRIFIED! What do I do about insurance, what if this doesn’t work, maybe I’m not ready, what if I don’t have enough saved. Damn...where’s my GETAWAY CAR?!


NEWS FLASH! THE TIMING IS NEVER RIGHT...unless YOU HAVE A TRUST FUND WAITING. I didn’t have a golden parachute. But what I did have was faith, and the guts to take a chance on myself.


I finished the week out and they gave me the most AWESOME going away breakfast EVER!!!


In the last ten months I have had several trunk shows, a three month Pop-Up Shop and countless days and nights of brainstorming, fine tuning and soul searching to figure out how I fit into this puzzle. I finally finished putting together a TV Show that I’ve been working on for the past three years. I’ve earned and lost thousands of dollars in the midst of this massive learning curve, finding myself back at square one several times over. I've worried, made mistakes and been uncertain often, but in the process of all of that I have learned the most important lesson that I could have learned.


No matter how many bumps that are felt while on this roller coaster my HEART will get me through it.

Thanks for LISTENING to my story! I'd love to hear yours. What is your MISSION? What are you ASPIRATIONS? I've already heard about your desires to skinny dip in the French Riviera...so tell me a different story.


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