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Duane Littles, Actor

I buy stuff and retool it—I’ll add buttons, paint, pieces of denim. I was doing trucker hats for a while, and then women’s handbags. Now I’m coming into a T-shirt phase.

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What are you wearing today?
My sneakers are from Shoe Mania on 14th Street. The leather outfit is something I got from H&M about three years ago. I used to work there, so I could see things before they came in and snatch them when they hit the floor. This outfit was actually in the young girls’ department, but it works! The blazer was a gift from my girlfriend; I think she bought it at Macy’s. I found my hat in that little market down by Tower Records on Broadway.

How much hair is under there?
It’s to the middle of my back. I started growing it in the fall of ’95. It was never really a conscious decision; my hair just started getting a little wild, and the next thing you know, I started growing out the top of my dreads. Around the fall of ’97, I decided to let the whole thing grow and become a part of me. Not a fashion statement—part of my personality.

Is it hard to take care of?
Sometimes I get it done professionally. I went to a place called Locks-n-Chop on 34th Street for a while, but then I started to go to a friend of mine who’s also in the entertainment business. But mostly I just take care of it myself. I clean it with witch hazel—I use a Q-tip for my scalp and a cotton swab for the rest of my head. And I oil it. Right now I’m using a really good oil called Luster’s Pink Plus. You can get it at Duane Reade.

So you’re an actor. What kind of roles do you play?
I’ve been on Chappelle’s Show twice. In the latest episode, I play a barber. The first time, I did a sketch called “Odweeds,” about a fake marijuana product. A lot of people have seen it—I get stopped on the street. But I also design clothes.

Like what?
I buy stuff and retool it—I’ll add buttons, paint, pieces of denim. I was doing trucker hats for a while, and then women’s handbags. Now I’m coming into a T-shirt phase.

Trucker hats? Aren’t you over trucker hats?
I don’t wear them anymore. Not because other people don’t—I just don’t feel the need. I’ve gone through that phase. It was totally a fad. In the beginning you don’t know that, but then pretty soon you can tell.

INVISION Magazine January/February 2014

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Duane Littles Eyewear was featured in the WHAT'S SELLING NOW section in the January/February 2014 issue of INVISION magazine.

Bari Studio Trunk Show Interview

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We’re not players. We just crush a lot. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) In our Bari Crush blog series, we’ll introduce you to the people, companies, products and services that inspire us. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Duane Littles Eyewear.


We sat down with Duane to learn all about his one-of-a-kind, vintage eyewear line, and we can’t wait for you to get to know him! Already in love with the sunglasses? We’ll be hosting a Duane Littles Eyewear trunk show at Bari Tribeca this Saturday, October 19th, from 10 a.m to 12:30 p.m.





What inspired your Duane Littles Eyewear collection?


Duane Littles Eyewear is a reflection of my personal style. My love for all things vintage spurred my desire to sell vintage eyewear. There is a very distinct look and feel that you get in vintage clothing, eyewear and furniture that you don’t get in most modern mass produced items.


Give us a little back story. What were you doing before you ventured into fashion and designing?


I had been working professionally in entertainment for approximately 10 years before adding eyewear to the mix. In 2006 to 2007, I developed and produced a TV Pilot for Comedy Central. Initially my idea was to just write and sell a few scripts, but one project went full circle. I produced and financed the pilot and went broke in the midst of all of the excitement. So I scoured help wanted ads to look for a way to inflate my then-deflated bank account. I happened upon a position for a stylist for an expanding luxury division of an eyewear company. I was intrigued! I interviewed, got hired and went through some of the most intense and best training that I’d ever had. The company was ILORI, and now six years later, I am extremely happy that life took me in that direction. I didn’t even know that I had a thing for eyewear! Entertainment and Fashion. The perfect marriage.


What pushed you to take it from concept to product?


When I acquired my first round of vintage frames I IMMEDIATELY fell in love! Part of me wanted it to be my little secret, but I knew that I had to share them with the world.


What goes into sourcing and designing a pair of Duane Littles glasses? What is the creative process?


I have several distributors that I work with nationally and internationally. First, I decide what styles I need to add to my collection, and then I look at what offerings are available through my network of distributors. Once I get an overview of the offerings, I narrow down my buy based on my gut reaction to the frames. It’s usually an instant love! Once I receive all of the orders, I compare the frames to the current collection to determine what colors the lenses will be. After that is decided, I take them to a local optical shop in Brooklyn to discuss the tint colors and BAM!


We imagine that picking your favorite pair of glasses must be similar to a parent choosing a favorite child – but can you give it a shot? Tell us about your favorite pair of glasses and the story behind sourcing it.


The search for the perfect pair of sunglasses can be somewhat challenging. One of the first distributors that I started

working with was an optical company based in Northern Africa. From them, I acquired a rare pair of Ray Ban’s from the early 80′s. Everyone that sees them is like, DAMN! They are the perfect pair of unisex sunglasses.


Anything else you’d like to share with the Bari Tribe?


Your search for the perfect pair of sunglasses should be fun. It’s like any other piece of your wardrobe, so that’s the way you should approach it. Different glasses for different looks, occasions or moods. Be open and just try it on! You may be surprised at the outcome.


Hope to see you at the trunk show on Saturday!


Photos via Duane Littles Eyewear