Duane Littles


About Us

Duane Littles Worldwide Inc. is the brainchild of Actor (Chappelle's Show, Bleeding Rose), Producer (The d Littles Show) and Eyewear Stylist Duane Littles. Duane Littles Worldwide Inc. was created early 2005 to culminate his interests in Film/TV, fashion, music and events. Since then he has written four TV shows one of which (The d Littles Show) was produced as a Pilot for Comedy Central to preview. He has a few projects currently in development. These creative endeavors are handled by Duane Littles Entertainment.

Duane Littles Eyewear is the newest division of the company which was launched in Fall 2012 as a result of Duane's love for sunglasses and eyeglasses. Sunglasses have become a must have accessory and eyeglasses have no longer become an eyesore to have on your face. Eyewear is an essential part of your wardrobe, just like a watch, handbag or a pair of shoes. "The frames that you choose give your personality a voice. They are a true representation of you".

Our mission is to create unparalleled experiences in all areas of the company.

We wish to align ourselves with partners and companies that choose to have a positive impact on the global communities in which they operate. It is our goal to be leaders in affecting social consciousness, in our work and our world.