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Welcome to our testimonials page. If you have been styled by Duane Littles or have been impacted somehow by his expertise please share your experience. Thanks!

Quotes Thanks D! You were awesome! I'm so happy with my glasses. Thanks for everything. Best, Elisha Quotes
Elisha SirenaSoul (Wave)
DJ Sirena aka DJ Wave

Quotes I walked in straight out of class, a complete mess, and I definitely didn't look like I was going to make a purchase, so I wasn't expecting much by way of service. However, I was greeted promptly at the door. I explained in a sentence what I was looking for, and Duane (ASK FOR HIM, MAN IS A GENIUS), was walking around the store pulling things I would never have even considered...until I put them on. Everything he handed to me I fell in love with. At the end, after having narrowed it down from 15 (yes, 15 pairs I was IN LOVE with) to 2 with Duane's honest opinions, I realized that I didn't have my prescription with me. Duane gladly wrote down the style numbers for me. Note: Excerpt from Yelp Review - http://www.yelp.com/biz/ilori-new-york Quotes
Jill F.
This place is absolutely amazing. Seriously.

Quotes The Limited Edition Ray Ban sunglasses that Duane picked for me were so dope that I forgot that I needed to buy a bed. Quotes
Mike Mayer
All Media Music Group, Inc.

Quotes I Spent a week with my boys in NYC and being the only chic was very interesting..... Toronto Guys Can Shop!!! We hit up several shops everyday from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I reported on where the guys spent most of their time.... ILORI 138 Spring St in Soho has the most Exclusive Eye wear Collections in New York. Stop by and ask for Duane Littles. When we entered the store he greeted us almost instantly, offered us a beverage, and hand selected 6 pairs of sunglasses for us to try on. Absolutely Amazing Service! Quotes
Sophia Noronha, Creative Director, Dakota and Neah Custom
Absolutely Amazing Service!